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Real Time Reports

See How Your Business Is Doing In Real-Time, sit in the confort of your home and check sales, stats, or simply add new products. It’s the easiest and most effective way to manage your store. Talech is the way to go, ask us how to get it.

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Manage Employees

Manage Employee Access, keep your employees time using our new and better improve system. It’s all in one package. Track Employees working hours and pay them accordingly. Talech again is the solution to your employee managing time.

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Manage Customers

Manage Customers Loyalty. You could keep track of every purchase your loyal customers make so every time they come back you already know what they bought before. Send emails to all your loyal customers.

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Manager Orders

Create and Manage Orders, Everything could be done right from the IPad, you could have your customers signing the receipt right on the screen. You could also change invoices right on the spot or away at the confort of your home.

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NCR Silver allows the owner of fuseBox, a creative meeting and work space, to run his business without thinking about point of sale technology. NCR Silver creates flexibility in his small business. He says it’s intuitive…

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Cash Register

NCR Silver Small businesses are built on relationships. That’s why NCR Silver gives you everything you need to run your business from your iPad. Track sales, market to customers and sell anywhere.

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