POS System

At Clover we add new features on a regular basis.  Here are some of the latest changes:

Click on section titles to get more detailed information.  Note: some features and apps may not be available in all markets.

Below are recently launched apps and features.  We are now posting a sneak peek at what’s coming soon, here.

NoshList App

NoshList is a free waitlist management app for restaurants. It features free SMS/phone call notifications to alert parties when their table is ready, venue analytics calculated in realtime, and integration to the Nosh consumer app.



Default Printers and One-Click Order Printing

The default printer functionality allows you to pre-assign default order printers for individual items.  For example, if you wanted to send all of your food orders to an order printer in the kitchen and send all of your drink orders to the bar printer up front, you can now easily do so!  You can also set an item to print to multiple order printers at the same time.

Setting up default printers enables you to do one-click printing to order printers from both the Register and Tables Apps.

Forced or Required Modifiers

We now support forced or required modifiers!  When you set up modifiers in the Inventory app, you can select the minimum and maximum number of modifiers allowed for each item.  For example, if you want someone to always enter one meat modifier for “steak”, you can require it.  You can also set a maximum number of modifiers.  For example, if you only include two sides with an entree, you can limit the sides modifiers to two.

Close Out Orders Confirmation

Can’t remember if you Closed Out Orders for the day?  Download the Card Transactions app, to confirm the last date/time that you closed out.

Inventory App

Check out the new Inventory App!

1. Allows merchants to add new items, categories, modifier groups and modifiers to inventory from the device

2. Optimized for retail, and menus can be updated, too

3. Moved Inventory tab in Setup App to a separate Inventory Builder App

4. Allows merchants to drag and drop categories to rearrange order in which they appear in the Register App

5. Allows merchants to add Labels, to help organize their inventory

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